Business Law

We help entrepreneurs start and build their business on a solid foundation for long-term success.  The long-term success of a business often depends on precise and clear agreements that have significant personal, family, tax and financial implications on every individual involved in a business.  In that light, we have extensive experience providing advice and services related to the creation, operation, sale and/or dissolution of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.  We provide succession and strategic tax planning for individuals and businesses regarding the formation, operation, and disposition of businesses or business assets.

Estate Planning and Trusts

We provide estate and trust planning services which include the preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorneys, designations of guardians and advanced directives with thorough consideration of relevant family, financial and tax issues.  We have extensive experience in Medicaid planning and litigating probate disputes that makes us particularly well suited to formulate effective estate planning strategies.

Probate Estate / Trust Administration

After a person dies, we assist their family and friends in winding up the decedent’s personal affairs and fulfilling their last wishes in the most efficient manner.  Often a decedent’s estate has to be subjected to a court-supervised process referred to as “Probate” governed by complicated rules and procedures that have to be strictly followed and which necessitate the preparation, filing (and serving) of formal documents and, often, attendance at formal hearings held by the Probate Court Judge.  Even if formal “Probate” is not necessary, in order to wind up a decedent’s affairs, there is a specific “process” formulated by the law that typically applies.  That processoften involves notifying the decedent’s heirs, beneficiaries (and creditors) the person died and, after satisfying qualifying claims of creditors, inventorying, valuing and then selling or distributing the decedent’s property and assets (often including cash/bank accounts, vehicles/boats, real estate/home, jewelry, household furnishings, antiques, tools and business interests) in accordance with the decedent’s will or trust.

Real Estate Law

We represent buyers, sellers, lenders and real estate brokers and agents in the purchase and sale of real estate, whether developed or undeveloped, commercial or residential.  We also represent parties relative to: (i) land contract matters (including purchases, forfeitures, foreclosures and deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure); (ii) disputes involving the ownership, construction and/or improvement of real estate (including contract disputes, quiet title actions, liens, adverse possession, eminent domain, restrictive covenants and zoning); and, (iii) landlord/tenant disputes.

Our goal is to help resolve your matter fairly and, if necessary, fight to ensure that you’re compensated for any losses.  We represent local landlords and property owners (both residential and commercial) in disputes related to evictions, security deposits, and more.  We will provide you with the aggressive representation you need to quickly resolve the situation.

Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Support)

We represent parties going through divorce (with extensive experience in property settlement, retirement benefits, custody, parenting time, child support and spousal support.)  We know that family law issues such as divorce and child custody are some of the most traumatic and emotional times.  We work with you and with one another to successfully resolve your family law matter.  You will be principally involved in the decision making and strategy.


Assisting in a myriad of collection matters including: consumer and commercial credit cards, residential and commercial foreclosures, mortgage deficiency claims, automobile loans and deficiencies, commercial accounts receivable, commercial loans secured by personal property and claim and delivery actions, support orders and property settlements in divorce, construction debts and constructions liens, farm loans, bankruptcy claims and related matters, personal injury judgment collection, leasing and commercial landlord-tenant matters and insurance subrogation.  Scott Mancinelli is listed with national collection lists and bonding companies such as National List and Forwarders List and he is a member of the Commercial Law League of America-CLLA and the Debt Buyer’s International Association.  

Personal Injury

If you or a family member were recently harmed in an event that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to financial compensation.  We can review your case and help you file a lawsuit to protect your rights and future.  We want to provide you peace of mind while you recover from your physical and emotional injuries.  Our personal injury legal services can help you pay for extensive medical bills, recover lost wages, and take care of your family’s needs while you are trying to recover.  If your injury has resulted in a permanent disability, you need to consider future issues like ongoing medical care and compensation for lost earning capacity.

Auto Accident

We understand that serious car collisions can cause extensive physical injury and property damage.  If you are struggling with medical bills, pain and suffering, and other negative repercussions of a crash that wasn’t your fault, we can help.  We will get the financial compensation you deserve to help you recover physically and mentally.  If you or a family member have been involved in a motor vehicle collision with minor or extensive damages, we urge you to contact our office immediately.  By being involved from the start, we can build a case that will help protect your rights and ensure you receive the compensation your situation deserves.

Auto accident law services are offered with personal attention on every individual case.  We are pleased to offer our clients flexible appointment availability and do not charge any fees until your case is successful.